lørdag 9. april 2011

Det er ikke alltid like lett

Jeg har besøk, og i går, i fnisende jentehumør fikk jeg høre en ny vits. Jeg ler fortsatt. (og der kom blogginga på engelsk som alle har ventet på)

"There was an American, an Englishman and a Chinese man all stranded on a desert island after a terrible plane crash.

The American being the usual loud, bossy American took charge, he stood up on the beach and said "Right you, Chinese man, you go and get supplies, you Englishman, you go and catch some fish, I'll stay here and build us a shelter for the night".

When he saw that the evening was approaching the American looked at the hut he had built out driftwood and palm leaves and thought, "Right, that's great I think I'll go and find the others".

He wandered down the beach looking for them. Just after he walked around the first headland he found the Englishman sitting on a rock, he had caught loads of fish with a simple fishing line he had fashioned out of materials found on the sea shore.

They picked up the fish between them and then they went to find the chinese man, but they couldn't find him anywhere. They were searching for hours until finally they spotted a shallow set of footprints along the beach, they followed these footprints until they noticed them lead into the deep dark jungle. They were following the footprints deep into the jungle, past small streams, over fallen trees and past colonies of monkies when suddenly the Chinese man jumped out shouting "SUPLIZE!""

Det ER morsomt, sant? :D

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Marthe-Julie sa...

Ja, den har vært morsom i 15-20 år den;)